Falcoreā€™s Voice Platform - Flow; gives control of the pbx back to you, the customer. A modern easy to use VoIP system that allows you to take full control of whatever product you choose for your organisations needs; whether it be our full Hosted PBX solution or SIP trunking. Flow is a cost effective solution for all business sizes, and it is all hosted, maintained and accessible in the cloud.
Flow Hosted PBX

Flow's Hosted PBX is a low touch and Easy to use system

Flow SIP Trunking

Keep your current onsite system and use Flow's SIP Services.

Teams Direct Routing

Your business, connected directly to Microsoft Teams servers.


A New Type Of Voice Solution

Using our Flow Hosted PBX allows you to forego a on-premise phone system. With a 99.9% uptime you aren't reliant on office connectivity.

Lowering your voice costs while improving
voice services

Creating and Delivering a targeted
customer experience

Ease of call flow and routing

Facilitating flexible work locations
while maintaining business continuity

Various call plans; choose from basic timed call plans to full unlimited plans.

Number porting supported; keep your existing phone number wherever you go

Order new numbers from anywhere in Australia or overseas.

Configure your inbound call
and with


Call Centre Features Standard

> Advanced Reporting

> Multi-level IVR menus

> Support of multi-level call queues

> Queue wallboard - presenting live queue information

> Unlimited call recording to email

> Automated callback request feature


Customised Flow Reporting

Any sized organisation will benefit from the customised
reporting Flow can generate. Answered, queued, or missed calls will help manage your call stream
and improve your daily operations.

  • Call queue statistics: answered, missed, timed out calls

  • User performance: inbound vs outbound calls, avg. call length, total call duration, number calls made/answered, missed calls

  • Call volumes statistics

  • Hourly call distribution

  • Inbound calls by caller ID

  • Outbound calls by dialed prefix

Flow Voice Hosted PBX - HPBX

Understanding SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking and Hosted PBX work with each other. SIP trunking is a service that can allow you to connect your VoIP compatible onsite phone system to the cloud to have a connectivity with the outside world. The Hosted PBX is already a telephony system that operates via the Internet but you interconnect them to use some of the hosted PBX features with SIP trunking e.g. provide an inbound toll-free number or record calls.

SIP Trunk Channels

A SIP channel is used for one incoming or outgoing call. You can think about it as a sort of a standard phone line. Every SIP trunk can support multiple SIP channels.

The number of channels supported by SIP Trunk is limited by your Internet connection speed, but most of the modern broadband connections are capable of supporting dozens of channels. E.g. 10 Mbps connection could support about 100 simultaneous calls.

Falcore Business Corporate Data Voice Cloud

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