The core of our business

Falcore is a full services Communications Carrier providing to Australian Businesses superior data and voice solutions. Our commitment is to create networks that work, connecting anything, anyone, anywhere.

Falcore is an independent provider with a complex global network that has been designed from the ground up by our engineers, to ensure our pillars are our main fundamentals - accountability and serviceability. Every aspect of the Falcore network revolves around our customers and their daily operations.

Falcore, a Global Network Provider at the Core of your Organisation

Our Vision

Providing transparency, simplicity and adaptability to businesses technologies.

Our Values

The Falcore Values are what we want to achieve as an organisation and as a partnership with clients; they play a part in daily operations ensuring they are always a target we strive for.


We are driven to provide ease of access of services, while also offering uncomplicated ordering and provisioning processes.


Customers will choose Falcore as we will always ensure we are constantly evolving as clients’ needs and technologies changes.


We build processes and systems that are informative; providing visibility and accountability.


Why Choose Falcore?

Falcore is built on decades of experience in the Australian Telecommunications and IT Industry. Learning from past; both success and failures has built the model in which we run today.

We have instilled in the company that if it needs to change we collectively make that change to continually improve processes and client experience. This also ensures we are continually evolving with the market and client needs and expectations.


Our Partner Program

ChannelCo. is the wholesale business of Falcore Australia Pty Ltd. offering unique wholesale telecommunications and technology services to Partners.

Partnering with ChannelCo. will give you the edge you need with the right wholesale solutions.

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