Cloud Computing With Falcore

Migrating your organisation's infrastructure to an IaaS solution helps you reduce maintenance of on-premises hardware and equipment. With Falcore IaaS; Falcore hosts your infrastructure components in our on-net secure data storage facilities. This includes servers, storage and networking hardware, as well as the virtualisation layers.

· IaaS resources at the push of a button.
· Ease with Veeam Cloud Connect.
· Multiple national IaaS locations.


Reliable Infrastructure as a Service; compute, storage, network resources.


Off-site and secure, access to on-net data center facilities around the world.

Backup Storage

Simple, flexible and secure off-site storage solutions around Australia.


Colocation Solutions

> Flexibility of Space - Sizes from 1RU to a Full Rack 42RU

> Security - 24x7x365 monitoring with biometric readers

> Carrier-neutral facilities - CBD locations with all carrier access

> Business Continuity - With power and network redundancies.

> Locality - Locations available national and International

Location Location Location

We make it easy to supplement your existing IT infrastructure by housing all or part of your infrastructure in one of our data centre locations. Hosting, data storage or rackspace, we can deploy, scale and manage your physical devices and virtual infrastructure.

Evolve and scale your network, systems
and applications to match everchanging environments.

Choose from a National
and International Network Presence.

Discover On-net
Never Leave Falcore Network.

Falcore Business Corporate Data Voice Cloud

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